How can I get involved with storm spotting? Weather observing is a serious undertaking, with emphasis on spotter safety, and accurate reporting. In order to participate in our program, you need to become an amateur radio operator (HAM), and then you need to attend severe weather training classes. To find out more information, please click here.

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Welcome to 2024! We will begin updating our website this year, and continue to use IRLP Reflector -- 9619!

Please note that a considerable update of this site is required, and will be implemented over time. If you are a Skywarn Net Control, and see some incorrect information, please let us know!

WX9GRB is seeking applicants to work with us at the weather office in Green Bay during times of severe weather. We request that dedicated people, who work well in an office environment, apply to join us during times of severe weather. While we may only activate perhaps 10 times a year, those times are unscheduled, but require a professional response. Please contact Christian ( if you are interested in joining us.

During severe weather, PASS uses IRLP Reflector 9619 to link Wausau, Green Bay, and Merill.

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