Storm Spotter Safety is a very important topic -- nature is a most powerful force, and spotters need to immediately identify life-threatening situations. There are also practical rules to follow, such as pulling off the road in a safe location, and how to avoid being hit by lightening.

Following is a collection of very important safety guidelines. Please review them, and know them. They could save your life.

NWS Safety Website: This website offers information concerning what to do when warnings are issued. A great place for the general public to review safety rules.

Chase Safety: This webpage, written by Charles Doswell III, is an awesome "street rules" for storm spotting. Chuck has been involved with severe weather research for years, and he tells it how it is. Must read.

Spotter Safety: Your Number One Priority: Artcile developed by the NWS office in Norman, Oklahoma, right in the center of Tornado Alley.

Tornado Safety and the Dangers of Highway Overpasses: This website, developed in Ohio, discusses why highway overpasses are not safe for Tornado sheltering.

Spotter Safety